To support the community during this difficult time, we are now offering a 20% discount when dealing with any problems arising from the Coronavirus crisis.


Halachic Dispute Resolution

  • Private Din Torah Arbitration. By mutual consent of both parties, JDS can put together a private Beth Din forum to issue a legally and Halachically binding resolution to your dispute.
  • Beth Din Advocacy – Civil, Commercial and Matrimonial. Also known as Toein Rabbani Service. If you are attending a Beth Din, we can provide a Consultant Advocate or Toein Rabbani to advise and assist you in the process.
  • Written Submissions and Appeals. JDS can put together a professionally written submission or appeal for you, or advise you on the one you’ve already written yourself.
  • Negotiation. JDS can help you negotiate with your landlord, tenant, employer, employee, relative or business partner etc, to settle your dispute before it escalates to a point of no return!

Mediation Services and Consultancy

  • Civil and Commercial Mediation; Facilitative, Halachic Evaluative, or Med-Arb. We can provide a number of different styles and modes of mediation to handle your dispute, and help you decide which one is best for you.
  • Workplace Mediation. JDS also provides Workplace Mediation – different format and style of mediation which applies similar techniques in an ongoing and live in situ context.
  • Mediation Support, Advice and Advocacy. Considering mediation but don’t really know what it is or whether it’s right for you? And if it is, do you need support through the process or on the day? We can help with all of the above.

Other Services

  • Lectures, Shiurim, Workshops. Contact us to arrange sessions or educational events at a venue and in a format of your choice.
  • Halachic Contracts. Including Heter Iska, “Shtar Shabbos” for Shabbos and Yom Tov, and Halachic Wills.

General Advice

  • Free 20 minute consultation. Contact us to book a 20-minute consultation, and receive a professional preliminary perspective. 
  • Referrals. Where we cannot deal with your problem directly, we will usually refer you to someone who can.