To support the community during this difficult time, we are now offering a 20% discount when dealing with any problems arising from the Coronavirus crisis.


Jewish Dispute Solutions is the outgrowth of several years’ involvement with ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in the Jewish community.

We have seen where the community is looking for guidance and direction; we have looked at where the community is satisfied, and where there are potential improvements to be made.

Whatever dispute you may be concerned about right now, we hope that we can help you.

Our Team

Rabbi Doniel Grunewald – Executive and Rabbinical Director

Rabbi Doniel Grunewald, Executive and Rabbinical Director of JDS, has worked in a range of Rabbinical activities for over 15 years. He is fully trained in Beth Din Arbitration, and has, after several years’ experience in Dinei Torah and general ADR, developed a professional and multi-faceted approach to Beth Din Advocacy.

Rabbi Grunewald is also a fully accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator to international standards. Since his accreditation he has completed a training workshop in Workplace Mediation and he attends CPD events in the field on an ongoing basis.

To maintain and develop the quality of his work, Rabbi Grunewald is in contact with, and has support from some of the most respected Dayanim, Rabbinical scholars and mediators in the UK.

Dina Tobias – Client Engagement & PA to the Director

Dina studied psychology and business management at University of South Africa, with a module focusing on Dispute Resolution.

With a keen interest in ADR and improving the options and provisions within the Jewish Community, she devotes her time to ensuring JDS runs smoothly and caring for her family.

Eli Grunewald – Commercial Strategy Consultant

Eli Grunewald completed the Ner Le’Elef Leadership Training Program in Community Outreach and Jewish Education, and has been involved in Jewish community work both in South Africa and in the UK.

His contact with a wide spectrum of people across the international Jewish demographic has helped him develop a broad vision to improve Dispute Resolution within the Jewish Community.

From this ambition, the concept of Jewish Dispute Solutions has burgeoned into a reality.